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National Utilities can provide all 3 major utilities for any development and in doing so we are able to apply additional savings to your project. Your dedicated project manager will ensure that each service is installed smoothly and swiftly by providing pre site visits and regular updates. With our focus being firmly on safety and quality your project will be engineered to meet your specific needs. They are also on hand to ensure that other minor tasks, that if not completed can cause a delay in your installations, are in place and completed in plenty of time for your connections. With over 20 Years’ experience in the industry we are able to tailor your design to best suit your needs.

Council Permits

Where possible, we can ensure all the works undertaken in the public for each utility can be done under the one permit rather than 3 separately and depending on your area this can provide a saving running into thousands of pounds.

Dedicated Project Manager

Having one dedicated project manager for all of your utilities saves you time when you need to get in touch allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your development.


Your new address for your development will need to be in place before we can come and install your electric and gas meters, and before we can make the water connection. We will organise these for you in plenty of time helping to prevent and last minute delays in your connections.

Tailored Solutions

We provide engineering solutions that are tailored to meet your requirements, both in terms of overall design and timescales.